4 Benefits of Hiring Solar Panel Installation Services

Dec 4, 2020Uncategorized

Your decision to go green by using solar energy is one of the best and most progressive steps as a responsible homeowner. The sun is our greatest source of renewable energy. An investment in solar panels will help you get off the grid and utilize the more sustainable solar energy that saves up to 75 million barrels of oil and 35 tons of carbon dioxide each year. After you’ve decided to invest in quality solar panels, you should follow it up by engaging solar panel installation services.

Here’s why you should hire professionals from a solar panel installation company to install your solar panels.

1. Professional Installers Will Provide You With Solar Panels That Will Best Meet Your Energy Needs

One of the main questions new solar installers ask is the following: Will my solar panels produce enough energy to meet my daily needs? Solar panel installation companies are best suited to help you select and install a solar system that will sustain your energy needs. Professional solar installers will advise you on the types of solar systems most suitable for your household. Do you need a grid inter-tied system, grid system with battery backup, or off-grid solar system? How many solar panels will you need, and do you need a rooftop or freestanding solar system? These are some of the technical aspects that the experienced solar installers will help you decide on. Ultimately, you want to get the best returns out of your investment in solar panels. This means installing your solar system the proper way by engaging solar panel installation services.

2. Solar Panel Installation Companies Will Handle the Paperwork and Permits

You may need to obtain some solar installation permits from your local authorities before you install your solar panels. Some of the permits you may have to file for include an electrical permit, a dedicated solar photovoltaic (PV) permit, and a structural or building permit. The solar permitting and inspection process may be lengthy and necessitate several trips to the electrical company. There’s more paperwork if you intend to connect to the local solar energy grid. A good solar panel installation company will handle all of the paperwork associated with solar installation.

3. You’ll Enjoy a Warranty and Other Incentives From the Professional Installers

When you hire a solar installation company, you’ll have the confidence and peace of mind that your solar panels will be handled professionally. Most installers will extend the manufacturer’s warranty for your solar panels. If your solar system isn’t working optimally after installation, you can put the installers to the task. Additionally, if something goes south during the installation, the company will be liable for the damages. You’ll find that most professional solar installers also offer solar panel repair services and solar panel maintenance services. As such, your installers may offer you incentives, like free solar maintenance, when you engage their services. If you opt for a DIY solar panel installation, you will not enjoy these benefits. Moreover, you may not get a warranty, as some manufacturer’s warranties will only cover the solar systems installed by professionals.

4. Solar Panel Installers Will Protect Your Roof

For rooftop solar panel installation, there are chances that your roof may sustain damages during the installation. However, professional installers are well-trained to set up your solar panels without damaging roofs. You can trust solar panel installation services to put up your solar system on all types of roofs without causing any damages to the roof or the solar panels. Solar panel installation companies also have insurance for workers in case of an accident during the installation. Therefore, you will not be liable for any accidents that may happen during the installation process.

After investing a substantial amount of money in your solar panels, it only makes sense to trust a professional installer to set up your solar system. By hiring solar panel installation services, you’ll be sure to get the most out of your solar panels. Proper installation of solar systems is key to ensuring maximum energy production and increased service life from your solar panels.