Solar Battery Installation

Tesla Powerwalls & Solar Battery Installation

Having a way to store your free energy is essential to zero grid freedom and can require solar battery installation. Zero Grid Power Solutions is the only certified NEOVOLTA installer in the South-East US. We also can equip you with the Tesla Powerwall 2 or an LG Chem to keep the lights on when the power grid goes down. You have several options to choose from when it comes to solar battery installations and our consultants will calculate your energy needs and make the best recommendations to fit your needs and budget.

Already have a battery? Let us handle the task of installing and connecting it for you. Our NABCEP certified installers will insure the process is hassle-free, timely and executed with professional precision and craftsmanship.

Interested in our Solar panels + solar battery installation packages? Give us a call and let’s get you to zero grid dependency today.

Tesla Powerwal mounted in as a solar battery installation inside a garage with a view of the night sky, city landscape, and trees.
Lithium ion home battery and solar inverter solar panel system for domestic power storage installed in home garage.

NEOVOLTA Energy Storage Systems


N14 Energy Storage

The NV14 is a complete energy storage system. It has a 7,680-Watt hybrid (120V/240V) inverter, auto transfer switch (grid disconnect}, a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery system with 14.4 kWh of capacity, and comes all in one NEMA Type 3R cabinet (inside/outside installation). We include an Eaton sub-panel and input breaker as the system provides 32 Amps of continuous output power.

NV24 Additional Capacity

The NV24 adds 9.6 kWh energy storage to the NV14 for a total of 24.0 kWh of Lithium Iron Phosphate battery storage. It can be retrofitted to the NV14 at any time (NV14s installed in Dec 2019 or later). The NV24 takes 90 minutes to install. No additional inverter required.

Solar Integration

We accept up to 9,600 watts of Solar AC power (string or micro-inverter). We accept up to 8,448 Watts of DC solar (two MPPS with 5000 W, 500 V and 18 Amps maximum per MPPT (typically 10-12 panels per string)). Or, we can accept a combination of AC and DC solar up to 10,000W combined.

Generator Integration

We can accept an AC generator that will power home loads and recharge the battery system when the grid is out IF the install has DC Solar. We can accept an AC generator with AC Solar IF the generator is placed on a manual transfer switch in between the NV14 load output and the Eaton sub-panel. This configuration will only power the loads in the Eaton subpanel. This configuration will not recharge the battery system, but can easily extend how long the battery system will last.


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