Solar Services

What Do You Need Help With?

No matter your vision, we can build it together with Zero Grid Power solar services. If you’re going green with solar, backing up your life with Tesla Power Walls or helping the planet by making a switch to an E-Vehicle, Zero Grid Power Solutions can give you the power you need to thrive.

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Solar Panels

We’ll design, install, and maintain the perfect PV(photovoltaic) system to suit your vision. We equip you with the newest and most reliable technology available while staying within your budget. No need to stress. We’ll select the best panels, inverter, power optimizers, and set them up to maximize your energy levels and your Return On Investment!

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Backup Batteries

Investing in renewable energy & solar services is like buying gold. Those golden rays your panels are soaking up eventually turn into dollars saved. Having a way to save that energy is essential to maximizing your Return On Investment. You have a few options on how to store your power. Let us help you make the best decision and we then we can install your system.

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EV Chargers

You’ve already taken steps to utilize clean energy, so now let’s take an additional step with solar services. Let us equip you with the convenience of having the energy to keep you rolling, no matter where you park. We’ve installed EV charging stations for both residential and commercial projects across the South-Eastern US. Relax and recharge with Zero Grid Power Solutions.

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Repair + Maintenance

We offer 24-hour calls on solar services and standard electrical issues for all of our customers and their neighbors. If the lights go out and your power company leaves you in the dark, we can shed some light on your issues and work instantly to fix the problem. We also offer annual maintenance plans (AMP) to help preserve, optimize, and protect your energy systems.

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