3 Solar Panel Problems That Solar Panel Maintenance Companies Detect and Repair

Aug 10, 2021Solar Repair

Investing in high-quality solar panel systems is probably the best investment you can make as a homeowner today. Solar panels are a long-term investment that will supply your home with enough energy for your residential use for decades. To keep your solar panels in pristine condition and to maximize their efficiency, you must maintain them properly. This means enlisting the services of solar panel maintenance companies near you.

These are the common solar panel problems that can be detected and diagnosed through solar panel maintenance services.

1. Faulty Solar Panel Wiring

The wiring of your solar panel system influences the overall performance and energy production of your solar panels. It also determines the type of inverter that your system can use. Typically, solar panels are wired either in series or in parallel. When solar panels are wired in series, the positive terminal of one solar panel connects to the negative terminal of another panel. As such, the voltage of the solar panel system doubles, but the amperage remains constant. Solar technicians connect panels in series so that the voltage of the solar panels matches the inverter’s voltage limit.

Parallel wiring is when the positive terminal of a solar panel connects to the positive terminal of another panel, and the negative terminals are also connected together. Parallel wiring creates a PV output circuit that increases the amperage of the solar system but keeps the voltage constant. Whether your solar panels are wired in series or parallel, one faulty wire or connection affects the system’s overall performance. Faulty wiring may be caused by a loose connection, water damage, rodents like squirrels chewing the wiring, oxidation, or corrosion. When you invite solar panel maintenance companies to conduct maintenance, their technicians will troubleshoot and repair any faulty wiring to prevent further damage.

2. Solar Inverter Problems

The inverter is a central component of your solar panel system. The inverter is responsible for converting direct current from the sun into a useable alternative current. The good thing with a solar inverter is that you’ll know when it’s faulty by observing the lights displayed on your interface. When your inverter is performing optimally, it will display a green light. The inverter will display a red or orange light when there’s a fault in the system.

When your inverter is not working optimally, your energy production will drop significantly. Unlike solar panels, which are designed to last for more than three decades, inverters may need replacement much sooner. Most homeowners replace their inverters within 10 or 15 years of installation. Solar panel maintenance companies have the technical know-how to repair or recommend replacement when your inverter is not working optimally.

3. Micro Cracks On the Solar Panel Cells

Solar panel cells are mostly made from crystalline silicon, which is sturdy and durable. However, they can still sustain damage when subjected to adverse conditions. For instance, debris may fall on the surface of the solar panels during a strong storm and cause the glass and the cells to crack. Also, accumulated debris and dirt such as bird droppings and tree leaves can cause hot spots if your solar panels are not cleaned regularly.

Hot spots accelerate damage on the solar cells and reduce the production of energy substantially. If you don’t seek solar panel maintenance services fast enough and the damage on the solar cells escalates, you may have to replace the entire solar panel system. You can avoid this by engaging solar panel maintenance companies to maintain your solar panels regularly.

More American homeowners are switching to green energy by embracing solar energy. As of 2015, the amount of solar power installed in the U.S. had increased to an estimated 27.4 GW, down from 1.2 gigawatts recorded in 2008. For high-quality and durable solar panels, trust the reputable solar panel installation companies in Georgia. Thankfully, these top solar companies also offer solar panel maintenance and repair services.

Understanding Solar Panel Maintenance

Understanding Solar Panel Maintenance

Did you know that, in 30 years, the average rooftop solar panel system will be able to reduce pollution by 100 tons of carbon dioxide? Given such, there are some real benefits of having solar panels on your home. Let’s delve into the maintenance of your solar panels...