3 Common Problems That Solar Panel Maintenance Companies Diagnose

Apr 6, 2021Solar Repair

Your quest to achieve zero grid freedom by utilizing green solar energy starts with installing solar panels in your home, but it doesn’t end there. You have to think about solar panel maintenance to keep your solar panels working optimally. And this means utilizing solar panel maintenance services. You should have professional solar installers conduct maintenance on solar panels regularly.

Here are some of the common solar panel problems that can be detected and repaired by solar panel maintenance companies.

1. Solar Inverter Failures

An inverter plays a chief role in your solar system because it is responsible for converting direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) The photovoltaic cells on the solar panels generate DC energy from the sunlight. The DC energy is then sent to the inverter that converts it to AC energy that you then use for your household energy needs. While solar cells rarely sustain damage, the inverter sometimes malfunctions.

When the inverter isn’t working optimally, your solar system will produce less power. If you don’t replace your inverter in good time, your solar system may eventually have zero power output. When you have enlisted solar panel maintenance services, the solar experts will detect a defective inverter fast and replace it before it affects your solar system’s power output.

2. Micro-Cracks on the Solar Panel Glass Cells

Solar panel cells are sturdy and can withstand most external stress factors such as scratching from falling twigs, leaves, and debris. However, extreme weather conditions such as hailstorms and tornados can propel blunt objects to your roof and cause damage to the surface of the solar panel. The glass that covers your solar panels may sustain micro-cracks, and in extreme cases, break apart. When this happens, the solar cells are exposed to damaging elements such as water, bird droppings, and U.V. radiation.

A solar panel maintenance company will detect any cracks on the glass of the solar panel and repair the damage early enough. In the worst-case scenario where the solar cells sustain damage, you may have to replace your entire solar system because solar cells are impossible to fix once they are damaged. That’s why you should enlist solar panel maintenance services to help you fix solar panel problems such as cracked solar glass before they become excessive.

3. Loose Wiring

Your solar system has four main components. These include the solar panels, battery bank, inverter, and charger controller. These systems are interconnected with a wiring system that channels power from the solar cells to the inverter and the batteries. Immediately after your solar panel installation, you may not have loose wiring problems. However, after some time, the solar wiring system may become loose because of internal resistance or external disturbance. One of the most common causes of loose wiring is interference during house renovations or when relocating your solar system.

By engaging solar panel maintenance services, you will keep all components of your solar panel system working optimally without any loose wiring affecting your power output. Solar panel maintenance companies will detect and fix any solar panel problems before they affect your entire solar panel system. This will keep your solar panels generating maximum power during their service life. With proper maintenance and repair, your solar panel system can serve you for more than three decades.

The efficiency, reliability, and affordability of solar energy have made many U.S. households install solar panels. In 2008, the amount of solar power installed in North America was 1.2 gigawatts (GW). By 2015, this amount had increased to an estimated 27.4 GW. Today, homeowners and homebuyers are making solar panel installation a priority when building or buying houses.

After installing your solar panels, it makes sense to engage solar panel maintenance services to maintain your solar panels. This will ensure that your solar panels are producing maximum energy for a long-time without technical difficulties. Therefore, you’ll get a better ROI from your solar panels.