Why Should New Homeowners Invest in Solar Panel Installation?

Aug 13, 2020Uncategorized

If you’re buying a home for the first time, the numerous features you can choose from can seem overwhelming. One of the main options you may want to consider most is how your home will be powered and solar panel installation is one of those options. City electrical grids aren’t necessarily friendly to your wallet or to the environment. Solar panel installation can be a viable alternative as an energy source. Here are four reasons why new homeowners should invest in solar panels.

Reduced Electricity Bills

Solar panels can help new homeowners save money on utility bills. A residential electricity bill can cost you up to $2,400 per year. With proper solar panel maintenance, you can reduce these costs by half, depending on how much energy you can generate by sunlight in your area. Solar panels typically generate 10 kilowatt hours of electrical output per square foot. Solar panel systems include a battery that stores generated electricity. These systems can also save you money because they require little to no solar panel maintenance. They can last up to 25 years. Many solar panel installation companies often include free solar panel repair in their service contracts.

Environmental Conservation and Sustainability

Solar power is considered to be the cleanest form of renewable energy available on the planet. There are almost no emissions from greenhouse gases. Sunlight is a resource that is highly unlikely to deplete anytime in the future. The energy used to manufacture solar panels is paid back by the energy they produce.

Excellent Return on Investment

Solar power not only saves you money, but can help you make money in the future. You can sell surplus energy to the utility company. After you install solar panels, you can pay off their cost within eight years. If you sell your home, you can get up to a 20% return on your investment.

Increased Property Value

Selling your home is probably the last thing on your mind as a brand new homeowner. But with proper solar panel maintenance, you can rest assured that you can get more for your home if you do sell it in the future. As more consumers learn about the benefits of solar power energy, the demand for sustainable homes becomes more competitive.

Creating a sustainable home is an excellent investment for new homebuyers. You can reduce your impact on the environment and save money for your future. Consider a consultation today with our team at Zero Grid Power to see how you can enjoy all the benefits solar power can bring.

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