Signs You Need to Research Solar Panel Repair Companies In Your Area

Jul 6, 2021Solar Repair

Did you know that solar energy users can save up to 35 tons of carbon dioxide alongside 75 million barrels of oil annually? If you utilize solar energy, then you are helping to create a better environment and Earth. The solar panels you have on your roof are helping to reduce your monthly energy usage while offering pure and clean energy from our sun.

They also have other benefits that are helping you save money and energy as a homeowner. However, if those solar panels are not working properly, then they’re not helpful at all. Let’s delve into some signs that your solar panels are not working properly and that it’s time to start researching solar panel repair companies in your area.


Many solar panel repair companies are capable of identifying issues with a homeowner’s solar panels. So, don’t hesitate to ask a qualified solar panel maintenance company to assist. One of the biggest issues that homeowners have with solar panels is shutdowns. Wiring issues, manufacturing defects, and even installation issues can all caused solar panel shutdown. Your solar panel installation company should go over your entire solar panel system and check for any loose or frayed wires as well as other issues.

You may be experiencing frequent shutdowns if there is too much voltage. Your solar panel repair service may change the inverter settings or choose another remedy. If your circuit breaker keeps tripping and does so quite often, your solar panel company may check the connection between your system and the breaker.

Dirty or Damaged Solar Panels

While many solar panel repair companies recommend that solar panel owners check panels for dust, damage, and dirt, a lot of them are willing to perform a check for you. Dust, cracks, and dirt are all signs that you may need to contact a solar panel maintenance business and see if replacements are in order. Cracked glass can allow moisture and water to damage the panels, which can inhibit production. Gusty winds can also damage wiring and mounting.

Since solar panels are designed to withstand weather vents and extreme weather conditions, it may be to your benefit to connect with a solar panel repair company and receive precise information as well as a course of action for your solar panels. If there is tremendous damage within your solar panel system, then you may be eligible for a replacement or a repair under your existing warranty.

Low Power Output

Many solar panel repair companies are able to adequately address lower production. So, if you notice that you have low power emitting from your solar panels, then you should contact your experienced solar panel repair service immediately. Your solar maintenance company may need to do some detective work to see why your solar panels have succumbed to low power production.

Some possible issues may include dirty panels, cracked solar panels, shoddy wiring or installation, and uneven solar panel placement.

Malfunction With the Inverter

Your solar panel system’s inverter is one of the most vital elements of your solar panel system. So, when your inverter breaks down, the rest of your solar panel system isn’t able to function properly either. Many solar panel repair companies will check for red lights or error messages. Fixes and remedies for a bad inverter can include an internet connection or replacing the entire unit.

If you’re experiencing any issues with your solar panels, then your Williamson, GA solar panel repair service is here to assist. Let your search for solar panel repair companies end with us. We’ll waste no time troubleshooting the issue, explaining the problem, and then discussing the fix with you. As your Williamson, Georgia solar panel repair service, you can count on quality repairs to your solar panels that will have your solar panels working optimally fast. Connect with us for any and all issues you’re having with your solar panels. We’re ready to help today.

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