3 Qualities to Look For When Browsing Solar Panel Installation Companies

Jul 6, 2021Uncategorized

If you’re looking to go green and attain zero grid freedom, your first step is to find a good solar panel installation company that will install your solar panels professionally. Solar energy is reliable, convenient, and affordable for both commercial and domestic uses. To harvest the maximum solar energy from your solar system, you must invest in the top quality solar panels and have the best solar panel installation companies install your solar panels.

This means that you must know how to select the best solar installer from the ever-growing list of solar panel installation companies. In this regard, you must know the qualities of a top solar installation company. Here’s what to expect from a good solar panel installer.

1.The Best Solar Panel Installers Are NABCEP Certified

North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is one of the most respected certification and accreditation organizations for renewable energy professionals in the United States. NABCEP certifies the most skilled photovoltaic system installers to install solar systems worldwide. Hence, for your solar panel installation in Georgia or other states, you’ll be better off engaging NABCEP certified installers.

The top solar panel installation companies only employ skilled, NABCEP certified installers. Having competent professionals install your solar system is great for your bottom line because your solar panels will serve you longer with little to zero repairs. Given that your solar panel system is a costly and long-term investment, you should only trust a competent solar professional to install your solar panels. More often, this is a NABCEP certified solar installer.

2. A Good Solar Installer Will Also Offer Solar Panel Repair and Maintenance Services

After installing your solar system, you must plan for solar panel maintenance and repair. Good thing well-installed solar panels only require minimum repairs and maintenance. Not unless there’s an external interference like a hurricane that throws debris on your solar panels or a tree falls on your roof and damages the solar panels, you may not need to replace your solar panels for at least three decades.

By engaging solar panel maintenance services, you’ll keep your solar system working optimally. A good installer will have annual solar panel maintenance plans for you. Through this plan, your solar panels will be cleaned and inspected by professionals. As part of the annual maintenance plan, your solar system will undergo a professional diagnostic test to ensure that it is working optimally. It’s more convenient and effective to seek solar panel repair and maintenance services from the same company that installed your solar panels.

3. The Top Solar Panel Installation Companies Will Offer Battery Backup and EV Charger Installation

Having a solar battery backup ensures that you have energy in your home even when the power grid is down. Also, in cold seasons such as winter, your solar panels may not generate enough energy every day. In such times, a solar battery backup will come in handy. That’s why reputable solar installers will also offer solar battery backup installation services. They’ll install Tesla Power Wall 2, LG Chem, and any other type of backup batteries you may have.

When you decide to switch to green energy in your home, you may also want to get an electric vehicle to complete the transition. This means that you’ll need a convenient EV Charging solution at home or your business premises. The reputable solar installers know this, and it’s why they offer EV charger installation services. This way, you’ll not worry about charging your electric vehicle since you’ll have an EV charger installed at your home.

Having realized the infinite benefits of solar energy, most U.S. homeowners and businesses owners are installing residential and commercial solar systems. It’s no surprise that more than two million solar panel systems have been installed in North America alone. When you make the great decision to switch to green energy and invest in solar panels, you should select the best solar panel installation companies near you to complete the installation professionally.

Understanding Solar Panel Maintenance

Understanding Solar Panel Maintenance

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