4 Ways Solar Panels are Saving Homeowners Thousands of Dollars

Oct 12, 2020Solar Repair

The average American spends over a thousand dollars every year paying off just the electricity bill. Millions are under pressure to keep up with their car payments, mortgages, and student debt – on top of a rising cost of living. Now more than ever, families are desperate for a way to lower their short term costs, while building for a better future.

Solar panels present a way to meet both these needs. Once prohibitively expensive, solar panel installation has become dramatically more affordable and reasonable. Millions of people are quickly learning how easy installation has become, and how impactful the savings are on their wallets.

How Solar Panels are a Financial No-brainer

Some are still under the old assumption that solar panels are exorbitantly expensive, with maintenance hassle that requires dealing with and paying a solar panel repair service. This may seem true at face value, but is swept away when the numbers are examined.

Many solar panel installation companies offer financing at a 0% interest rate. While the total upfront cost of a panel is high, the actual monthly cost is no higher than a normal electricity bill – often times lower!

If the benefits were to end right here, solar panels would already make financial sense. But thankfully, there’s even more.

Solar Panels are an Investment that Give Back Forever

Money spent on your old electricity bill every month may as well be buried in the dirt. That’s money that’s gone forever. Meanwhile, every monthly payment towards a solar panel isn’t just providing that same electricity, but also building you ownership!

Once the solar panel is paid off, it’s yours to keep. Some companies will still charge a monthly fee, but even then your average monthly bill will be much lower.

Carbon-negative energy generated from the sun will also provide you with tax credits in most states, resulting in even further savings. The solar panel also adds to the equity value of the house, in many cases almost dollar by dollar.

Solar Panel Maintenance Requires Little

Once installed, solar panels generally cost little to maintain. The majority of the task will be minor — clearing away dirt and debris that may obscure the sun. Solar panel maintenance companies may charge a small fee, or can simply be done by the homeowner.

Panels generally have a peak lifespan of several decades, but will continue to provide electricity for decades after. They may require minor repairs from time to time, which solar panel repair services can assist with.

Repairs for the average home system usually cost up to $200. However, these damages happen rarely. With regular, minor maintenance efforts, most homeowners never need to call a solar panel repair service in the first place.

Barring any catastrophic events, that’s about as much maintenance hassle as the average homeowner will need to deal with.

Saving Homeowners’ Wallets and the Planet

Beyond just reducing electricity bills, solar panels are are making a positive impact on fighting climate change.

While there are a variety of factors affecting climate change, the rising popularity of solar panels can only be a net positive. Over a period of 30 years, the average solar-powered home can reduce pollution by 100 tons of carbon dioxide.

That’s an investment not just for the financial future of families but towards the world as a whole.

Millions are Making the Switch

And it’s obvious why. Solar panels have proven themselves one of the best possible long-term investments, paying for themselves many times over.

In the short term they reduce electricity bills. In the long term, they add equity to the house and continue to provide energy savings. And for the world, they’re one step forward to fight against climate change.

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